Starting to Learn the Piano

I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument and I am very excited to begin my journey with learning the piano. My Nana was an amazing piano player and I always loved listening to her play. It was so beautiful and very impressive to watch her. She was extremely talented and I admired her very much. She is the reason why I chose to learn the piano. Many years ago, she gave my sister and I a piano book for beginners that was filled with five-finger pattern Christmas songs incase we ever wanted to learn. My goal is to learn at least one of these songs by the end of this term. I think that these Christmas songs will be very beneficial to have because maybe one day I will play them for my own students around Christmas time. Music class has been very helpful with learning how to read music notes/beats and the key of each note. I hope to be able to read music fluidly one day as well. I am focusing on learning “Frosty the Snowman” and “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”. I am looking forward to seeing my skills progress!


Week #2: EdCamp and Professional Learning

Today we discussed accommodation and discomfort in the classroom in our own EdCamp session. This topic was very interesting and I really enjoyed getting the chance to discuss this topic in class because I feel uneasy about this topic as well as classroom management in general. I am worried about this as a future teacher because I want to be as accommodating to students as I possibly can but I feel that certain skills are important to teach students so they can develop these skills and be better prepared for situations later in life. For example, if a student is terrified of public speaking, does that mean I should not have them give an oral presentation to the class like the other students? I think that it is important for students to push themselves and to learn new skills. I understand that certain things can be scary for students but I think you will learn more about yourself and grow more as a person if you step outside of your comfort zone and try your best. Everyone is different which is why I think it is important for teachers to know what their students are capable of and to build trust with them as well. Overall, I think that this EdCamp session was very beneficial to our professional learning as I feel like I gained valuable knowledge and I really liked having an open discussion with my peers on such an important topic.

Week #1: Learning Goals

I hope to learn how to play the piano well enough to play simple and fun songs that children will enjoy. I love learning new things. I enjoy challenging myself with learning things that are out of my comfort zone or things that I have never done before. I want to expand my knowledge of music and gain experience playing an instrument.

I also wish to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of certain educational technologies such as blog-making, music-editing and graphic design. As this course and program continues, I look forward to learning more about these areas of technology and others as well.