Open Inquiry #5

I try to set aside a little bit of time each day to practice music and to learn the song that I am currently focusing on playing. I find that the more effort I put into something and the more time I spend practicing, the more confident I feel in my skills. When working individually on developing a skill, I think that self-discipline, determination and goal-setting are important ingredients for success as you are the only one responsible for your own learning. I am feeling very confident in my ability to play “Deck the Halls” and I have become consistent with performing it smoothly and without mistakes. For my music class, my midterm assignment is to submit a video of myself playing playing an instrument of my choosing (I chose the piano). I have decided to play “Deck the Halls” for this midterm assignment and I am excited to showcase what I have learned so far. I think the next song that I am going to learn will be “Santa Claus is Coming’ to Town.” I am excited to learn this song because it is one of my favourite Christmas songs!


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