Final Topics Covered in Class

  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

I learned that anyone with a gmail can access Google classroom from their Google Drive account. Google classroom allows files to be shared easily between teachers and students. Teachers can monitor student progress on assignments and they can communicate to each other within the program. Student/parent/guardian consent must be given.

  • Coding

I learned about a game for children called “Robot Turtles.” This board game is a fun way to introduce young children to the fundamentals of coding/programming (without them even knowing). Players (normally children) are given turtle cards and are to navigate their turtles across the board using instruction cards to get to the jewel (the first person to reach the jewel wins). One person acts as the computer (normally an adult), to perform commands on the board. Barriers can be added to the game to make it more challenging.

  • QR Codes

I learned that QR codes can be used as currency when liked to your visa. You used to have to download a QR reader in order to read a QR code, but this is now possible through the use of a Smartphone camera. It is possible for a Smartphone camera to scan QR codes.

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality

I learned that augmented reality should not be used by children and children over the age of 13 should not use this technology for more than about 30 minutes per day. It is not rare for people to feel sea sick when using this technology. This is helpful to know as I tend to feel sea sick easily. This type of technology creates an interactive experience with the world around you as objects come to life and move around.


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