Open Inquiry #4

This week, I have started to move on from “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” and I have started to learn “Deck the Halls” (shown below). “Deck the Halls” has been a bit harder to learn than “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas,” probably because there is less note repetition and this song is a little bit longer. However, I feel that my experience from learning the last song is definitely helping me to learn this one as I am more familiar with the notes and the hand-positioning for both of these songs is the same. I have also noticed improvements in my ability to read sheet music which is very exciting! I really like that this music book has pictures at the top of the sheet music for each song to show where your hands should be placed on the piano. I find that using numbers to represent each finger makes reading sheet much easier to follow. If I ever get lost or forget a note when reading sheet music, I can recall the number that correlates with that note (with the number 5 representing your pinky and the number 1 representing your thumb) and I can quickly recover. In the future, I hope that I will not need to rely on the numbers in order to read sheet music, but for now, this strategy has been very effective and helpful!


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