Open Inquiry #3

I am having more success this week and I am feeling confident in my ability to play “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” (shown below). I am really enjoying the time I spend learning to play the piano! I have always loved to listen and sing along to music and playing an instrument has always been a skill I have wanted to learn. Music just has a way of improving my mood. In music class, we discussed the benefits of listening to music and I was very impressed.

I learned that music…

  • reduces stress
  • helps with other learning
  • allows your brain to be 80% active when making music
  • aids in motor functions
  • enhances decision-making skills
  • helps make social connections
  • strengthens memory and speech abilities
  • increases empathy
  • reduces pain
  • encourages emotional expression
  • improves academic performance

I am glad that I chose to learn an instrument for my open inquiry project! There are so many amazing benefits to music and I am very excited to continue to see results in my learning.


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